Workshop video: Structure and Interpretation of Clojure Transducers by Ben Sless (2021-11-15)

In this 2021-11-15 workshop, Ben Sless explained transducers from the ground up.

Ben’s workshop description:

Transducers are a powerful abstraction added relatively recently to Clojure. In spite of this and the noticeable performance benefits, they remain a daunting subject for many Clojurians. There is no reason such an important subject remains impenetrable. We will approach them in this workshop from first principles and see how they emerge naturally as a general property in many places. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of transducers, their use cases, and will be comfortable writing their own simple transducers when the need arises.

Many thanks to Ben for this incredibly enlightening workshop. Many thanks also to the many participants for the very lively discussion, in particular Alex Miller who provided support in the chat.

This workshop was also the recommended background for John Newman’s Injest workshop:

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