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Day to day conversation.

Questions & Help

Post questions or cries for help in one of the subcategories. When someone answers your question, make sure to flag the reply as such with the little checkmark button. That way the post will show up in the listings as “resolved”.


We love to see what you’ve built! You can show off your cool project, or simply share what you’ve been working on. Self-promotion is totally ok, just be genuine instead of spammy.

Learning Resources

Everyone has something to learn. This is the place to share learning resources you like or would recommend. You can indicate the level with tags like #beginner, #intermediate, or #advanced.


Specific or niche topics.


Project-specific categories (a.k.a. mailing lists). If you’d like a category for your project then post a request in #community-center:clojureverse-meta.

The Fringe

Things that aren’t directly about Clojure, but still of interest to the community.