Advent of Parens 2019

This year during the advent I’ll be posting one post every day on the Lambda Island blog. I don’t have comments on the blog, so I’m starting this thread in case people want to respond.

The first post just went up about a little bit of Clojure vocab: to reify.


Post 2 is about one of my favorite tools: Netcat

Roundup of day 1


Part 3 was fun to write, are you using every-pred and some-fn already?

On day 2:


Enjoying these so far. Also, thanks for introducing me to this forum. Looking forward to spending more time here.

Welcome to ClojureVerse @StanDyck! Make sure to introduce yourself in the “Introduce Yourself” thread.

Day 4 I wrote about a little idiom that I like a lot, it has some juxt and some transducer and it is all around lovely.

Alexander talks about how listening to podcasts really helped him stay motivated, especially the ones with @gigasquid. We had a great AMA with her a while back right here on ClojureVerse. We should do one of those again!

Erik implores us to check out a talk by someone who really inspires him, Christin Gorman. I’m watching it right now!

Bobby continues to showcase all the cool things he’s done with MECCA, and has some Klipse magic in the post to give you an inline mario inspired pixel art editor. Sadly it didn’t work in my browser but hopefully it does for you.

Yesterday I wrote about Clojure In the Shell, pointing at a few projects I like: rep, jet, and babashka.

Today I wrote about another small idiom I quite like, involving the underappreciated comp and set literals used as predicates.

Please do share what you think of these posts. I’ve seen some responses on reddit, but I think this is a much nicer place to have conversations. Just post in this thread, if a topic sparks discussion I can split it out into its own post.

Alexander wrote about destructuring, in particular in the context of processing JSON, and Erik shared some of his thoughts about Code over configuration. Bobby continues his series about MECCA, showing how to upload an image file with ClojureScript and extract the pixel data.

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Just wanted to add to StanDyck up there: enjoyed all the posts so far!

If you ever find the time: I would love to read more about your workflow using netcat (or even a short screen cast / Lambdaisland episode / live coding session … but those are a lot of work I guess :slight_smile: )

Transducer? What do I miss?

Again: Thanks for all the content!

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Time flies!

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Hello. One day 9:

I think the first two forms in the first code examples are missing a closing paren:

(defn hello [x]
  (str "hello " x)

(defn greetings []
  (str "greetings" foo)

:scream: :scream_cat:


May your parens always be balanced.

Integrant in Practice looks like it could be quite helpful in preparing to understand the code in Mark Bastian’s conj talk this year.

Will be checking out clip and aero as well.

The jit tip to avoid require was also interesting.


I really liked this part:

;; get all black or oolong teas
(filter (comp #{:black :oolong} :type) teas)
;; => ({:name "Dongding", :type :oolong}
;;     {:name "Baozhong", :type :oolong}
;;     {:name "Taiwan no. 18", :type :black}
;;     {:name "Dayuling", :type :oolong})

;; get all non-oolong teas
(filter (comp (complement #{:oolong}) :type) teas)
;; => ({:name "Longjing", :type :green}
;;     {:name "Taiwan no. 18", :type :black}
;;     {:name "Biluochun", :type :green})

Showing how easy you can extend and get the other results is really cool. :slight_smile:


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