Beginner's advice, Is Clojure the right place to start/Continue the programming journey?

I agree that OP should focus on the basics first with Ring etc.
Just a side note, as OP mentioned Graphql, I would love to mention that we have a Clojure-native alternative called EQL that is rich in data structure, highly composable and productive to implement. Pathom is an implementation of EQL and you can set up a “downgrade” endpoint for Graphql with this (meaning: you’ll have both EQL and Graphql with little extra effort).
Anyway, don’t be distracted by the above. Just remember: once you’ve consumed the basics, Clojure community will offer lots of exciting technologies.

I wholeheartedly agree with @didibus recommendations. To any newcomer, I will add that a few years after starting your career as a developer, you will most likely (most hopefully, too) have learned and used more than one mindset/approach/language/framework, anyway. It really doesn’t matter that much where you enter the playing field, what matters is the game :v:


I recently stumbled upon the Functional Design in Clojure Podcast, which I’ve been enjoying a lot. They discuss beginner hurdles like the ones we’ve been touching here in a hands-on way, and they’re really good at asking and answering all the stupid questions.

Some tutorials of newer languages:

building an airbnb type of app


Hey, thanks, but these are paid. Is there any free example?

For paid content for Clojure, you can try or I also found and

Yes Didibus, but is not using integrating newer technologies, building a webapp with several functionalities.

There are some free ones on youtube in 5 minutes I found those below, the majority of those guys started on udemy but nowadays release a lot of free material on their youtube channel.

For people who doesn’t know Clojure and it’s exclusive features, if it exists examples building a full web apps like those examples makes it easy to compare with other tech and see why Clojure is awesome and help newbies like me to get on board.
The reason Node.js grew so much is because of those learning tuts.


full stack js

django full stack


Teach a Junior…lol

Hum. Okay. I do not mean to sound insisting, but I don’t really want to go through a bunch of beginner video tutorials.

I was hopping you had one specific good one in mind, which you have watched, and liked the particular project demonstrated and taught. Where the video goes over building one thing quickly in 1 or 2 hours. And I would only see if I can replicate that in Clojure.

What do you mean. I haven’t watched the videos I’ve linked for learning Clojure, but from their description, it goes over all the basics.

What new technology are you talking about? Clojure is the new technology :yum:

I couldn’t find a entry level tutorial, building a web app, using a pure functional language.

Phoenix is a framework for Elixir, but is not the same as using libs only.

Seems like FP is for “PROS” only, newbies not allowed…lol, so there isn’t tutorials like the ones from javascript maybe that’s the reason node is growing so much…becoming the new PHP?

Even from the Junior video, he said is easier the train juniors in FP and they can achieve professional level fast, in OOP, senior level takes a least 10 years…

Needs tutorials showing why is so cool, hand on, building a web app, to show/demonstrate this and grew the FP way of things and Clojure!!!

Clojure needs this to grow, and growing everybody wins!!!

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Maybe it’s helpful to tell what you already know about web dev? I guess you find those basics recommended above somehow boring?

A video tutorial building a web app with admin part, to CRUD posts, some custom 404 messages, with postgresql, similar to the ones on youtube.

But the point is not only for me, for several beginners coming to Clojure, for the future.

How to create a web like this with FP logic vs OOP, if it could compared with Java code, even better!!

Not just for pros. There are lots of great learning materials. But not every kind.

I am sure that this would be a good thing.


I saw some Scala related stuff, does Clojure has something similar to AKKA and AKKA Streams and AKKA HTTP?


Yes. It has core.async, which is similar to Akka and co.

You can also use Akka directly with Clojure as well if you want. And there’s also Pulsar and Quasar.

That said, that’s probably getting way ahead of yourself. Only 1% of websites would require any of these.


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