Broken link in the "Welcome to Clojureverse" message


The link to the introductions topic is broken in the “Welcome to Clojureverse!” message. I’m not sure if this is the right place to report this. I’m new around here. :wink: If not feel free to move it to the correct place.


Tried discourse and it might be a preference in Settings page. need to ping @plexus .

It’s just another topic: Welcome to

The link goes to the introductions tag, but seems the frontend routing was having trouble with it. It worked when doing “Open Link in New Tab”. I upgraded us to the latest discourse, and seems like it works again.

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I think the link could be fixed by changing into

Here’s a screenshot of the message I’m talking about.

That message is just the post I linked to. I changed tags to tag, seems that does the trick. Thanks.

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