Cljdoc alpha



Just added the :scm key in Leiningen and source links work great :slight_smile:


cljdoc now ships it’s own badge endpoint, the gist is:

Here’s an example for re-frame:


If you end up adding the badge to your projects please post it here, would love to see it in the wild :slightly_smiling_face:

Since a few days we’re also auto-building documentation for releases as they are published to Clojars, it’s not instant (yet) but they’ll get there eventually.

If you have any feedback/ideas/thoughts please tell me here or in this GitHub issue.


Looks great on - it kicked off a docs build automatically, and it completed as expected.


@martinklepsch Not sure if anything changed, but today’s doc build is horribly broken


Interesting, thanks for bringing this up, I’ll take a look later today.


I think the issue is resolved. The cause was probably that when the release was pushed to Clojars and the build got triggered you didn’t yet push the respective commit (referenced in pom) to GitHub. This issue occurs sometimes, I think for the near future I’ll introduce a minor delay (10min) before starting the build to give people enough time to push their commits as well.