Feedback wanted: draft of a Clojure REPL guide, soon to be submitted on


Hello all - I finally got a chance to read through this and it’s fantastic. Thanks so much to Valentin for leading the charge and to everyone else that contributed. It’s live now on the site -


Valentin: congratulations. I promise to offer you a drink in the name of the whole Clojure community next time we meet :wink:

Thank you Alex Miller for merging it.


Thanks everyone for your patience reviewing this and your thoughtful comments - it made a big difference!

Writing this guide has been an enlightening experience. I expect to submit new changes to it in the future; in the meantime, feedback is still very welcome :slight_smile:


@alexmiller I should also mention that the CLI tools are a big help in writing this sort of guides. Having one default, easy-to-install tool that the readers can use to exactly reproduce the examples removes a lot of accidental concerns.


Congratulations, this was much needed, thank you so much!