From Twitter: Maybe we have to face it: Clojure has nothing to offer web programming that is better enough to make people switch to Clojure


And c’mmon, the site looks from 1997, and nothing is quite pleasent or vibrant

They improved it a bit, but ya, its not a good showcase of what you can do with Clojure/Script.


I personally wouldn’t change the content of that guide – I would just rename it, or qualify the name – maybe its a quick “exploration” of and cljs.repl. It was more of a quick restart for me, just yesterday, someone who had used CLJS for a lot of learning projects 1.5y ago, and had definitely “leaned” on lein (and then boot, and git clone) too much. I was trying the same old approach the other day, learning how to use cljs-lambda, and just running into hair-pulling build problems, ultimately probably b/c of some ignorance around the fundamentals. The quick-start guide has done a GREAT job of fixing that.