Krell - A New Minimal ClojureScript Tool For React Native

Hullo! I’ve developed a new tool for ClojureScript React Native apps called Krell - This effort was supported by Vouch - After a couple of years of building React Native apps with re-natal, we decided we needed something simpler, less stateful, and more aligned with our tools-deps based workflow.

Krell ships with a REPL and a hot-loader. The REPL connects via mDNS discovery (a la Mike Fikes Ambly) so you should be able to develop untethered on a local network once the app is up and running.

I’ve tried hard to make the interaction with Krell as Clojure like as possible. In fact outside of the React Native CLI bits, I think Krell development is easier than ClojureScript web development with respect to configuration since there are far fewer choices to make. If you’d like to get a feel for it yourself please try the tutorial for Reagent -

Currently Krell is in alpha while we dogfood it and collect feedback from other users who also find this approach to React Native better suited for their own projects. Over the next few weeks we’ll try to squash the bugs and deploy a proper artifact to Clojars.



I’m excited to give this a whirl. Re-natal is awesome, but feels heavy with duct tape

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