Principles of Data Oriented Programming

This article is an excerpt from my upcoming book about Data Oriented Programming. The book will be published by Manning, once it is completed (hopefully in 2021). This article is an attempt to illustrate what are the core principles of Data Oriented Programming as I understand them. It is highly influenced by my programming experience in Clojure, but I believe that those principles are language agnostic.

Feel free to share feedback, agree, disagree or refine.


Was there supposed to be a link or other content posted with this? looks like the article that @Yehonathan_Sharvit meant to post…

Indeed. Fixed. Thank you @seancorfield

Has already lead me to some deep philosophical discussions. I love your articulation.

What a compliment @Webdev_Tory. Thank you!
Could you share some example of philosophical discussions triggered by my article?

A friend and I correspond by post. He shared a quote from a book that defined sanity as “Accepting reality at all costs”. He knows a little programming and can follow technical topics but can’t follow links or view websites. I took his quote that as an obvious segue into the Clojure philosophy with data orientation as opposed to static typing. Based on your thoughts lett the data, like reality, stand for itself.

i just had a quick look at the article and that seamed fine.

also, i believe it is a smart move, to take the language agnostic approach.

okay, now, i also want to compliment you, because, you see, here is the thing. i clearly remember the following:

so seams to me, that you have been contemplating these principles for quite some time now. also, you are always trying to get feedback / input from others, in order to be able to better organize your own thinking about these matters, with the goal ultimately being to, at some point, put those ever more polished ideas into writing, and to publish them, so that others will perhaps be able to take some delight in pondering them as well.

alright, but now where is my compliment you ask? :smile:

well, what i think deserves praise here, not last, certainly not least, but first and foremost, is the hard work that you have clearly been putting into this! you see, i have seen people discuss the pros and cons of programming languages / paradigms / tools for i don’t know how many years now, ( also, seams to me, that your “PODOP” ( deliberate symmetry? ) could be shelved under programming-paradigms, no problem ) and, make no mistake, those discussions are fascinating! all too fascinating, that’s the problem! :smile:

what do i mean? well, what i am trying to say is that, not only is it very easy to smart-talk over coffee about those kinds of things and about how all of those heinous problems that seam to be haunting every programming project of non-trivial size, to speculate about how those hideous problems could be, if not cured and eradicated completely, at least be administered a good dose of effective treatment, IF ONLY, well, if only management had an ounce of common sense and have us finally switch over to insert names of your favorite programming tools here, … how am i even supposed to work with this insert your favorite profanity here.

my point being, “success has many fathers”, sure, but also success has always this most remarkable of mothers: HARD WORK!

now, i am still very much confused about what it is, that can ultimately put someone such as yourself in a (dis)position where they can become inspired / motivated / dedicated enough to face such tremendous challenges, but what i do know for certain, and whatever it may or may not be, i am positive, that i admire it deeply, which is why, often times, when i am able to observe such strive, i end up finding my own spirits lifted and my own motivation rising, which is certainly part of why i am usually, should circumstance allow for it, trying to provide at least some positive feedback / encouragement to such people in general, and to you, and with this reply, in particular.

so bottom line, seams to me you are doing a very fine job writing that book! thank you! and keep going! 頑張って!


Thank you so much @taf !

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