Visual-tools -- meeting 2: compatibility across tools

visual-tools – meeting 2: compatibility across tools

The visual tools group is having its second meeting on Feb 19th.

It will be a sub-group meeting, focusing on compatibility across tools.
Everybody is invited.

A few tool-creators, such as @vlaaad (Reveal), Adrian Smith (Viscous), @djblue (Portal), @Lukas_Domagala (omni-trace), and @daslu (Notespace) will join. Hopefully a few more.


We will discuss what could be done to create layers of compatibility across tools.

The goals here are:

  • code reuse – possibly using the same collection of visual components in several tools
  • seamless tool-switching – e.g., being able to pick a tutorial written in Clerk and explore it dynamically in Portal


Saturday, Feb. 19th, 16:00 UTC


The official part will be 90 minutes.
Sometimes some of us like to stay longer and chat.


  • We will use Zoom for the video call.
  • We will use the #visual-tools Zulip stream for chat (see the meeting 2 topic thread).
  • We share resources and take notes at the common folder @prnc created:
    Clojure Visual Tools – Google Drive
  • The Zoom link will be shared at Zulip and Slack before the meeting, as well as in the calendar event.


Most of the meeting will be recorded and shared publicly.
Some parts will be unrecorded.


:eggplant: To join this series of meetings, please write to us, and we will add your email to the calendar events.

:leafy_green: You can also just follow the “#visual-tools” Zulip and Slack channels – the Zoom link will be shared there too.

:mushroom: If you wish to present anything in the meeting, suggest ideas, or raise questions, that would be wonderful. It’d be good to know in advance if possible so that we can be clever about our use of time.

Other thoughts and comments would help as well. Please comment here at this post, write to us in person, or add your comments and preferences to the survey above. If you wish to get involved in facilitating the group, that is very much welcome too.


@daslu have clojureverse some kind of tools to create ical files for this events?

There is the Clojure calendar feed
that is based on messages at the #events Zulip stream.
I used to update that, but stopped doing it as I didn’t know if people were actually finding that useful.
If anybody wants to be added to the calendar events of our meetings, please write to me.

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See you tomorrow!

@maxxcan thanks for your idea – look:

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