Web development with ClojureScript

i find we’re being quite productive at multis.co with re-frame and something like Tachyons for CSS - we don’t have to mess with stylesheets :slight_smile:

Shadow-cljs is perfect for interop with other js libraries and actually we also use it to compile to node for our Cloud Functions

but imho ClojureScript really shines on the frontend


I understand your question, but i would urge you to start by understanding the browser before you start tinkering with front end tools. I find that only by understanding the underlying plateform and networks can you start to navigate choices and arrive at solutions that fit a clients needs.

E.g Understand how a webpage created start to finish from the server to displaying to the client. Then be able to discuss what (for example) react adds to that process.

Without that background trying to understand the tradeoffs various solutions are offering will be very hard.

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