Where to specify clojurescript compiler options

I’m trying to port client side JavaScript code to ClojureScript. I want to change the :asset-path, as mentioned here: https://clojurescript.org/reference/compiler-options, but I cannot find where to specify the compiler options.

I’m following the layout explained in the quick start guide: https://clojurescript.org/guides/quick-start, that is I have a deps.edn file and src folder.

Try :compiler-options {}?


This seems to be shadow-cljs specific. Since I’m just starting out, I want to keep use of external tools to be minimal.
From what I have read till now, I think I’ll need a project.clj file.

No need for a project.clj. The cljs.main accept a -co (for --compiler-options) option where you specify the name of an .edn file containing all compiler options. Read more using -h (for --help).

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I was guessing it’s using the name option name. :compiler-options is not invented by shadow-cljs. It was used in boot-cljs as well. However it turned out not the name in CLI tools.

Maybe you need something like https://clojurescript.org/guides/code-splitting#_release_builds ?

I would still recommend learning shadow-cljs as your first cljs compiler though… There are some mininal projects based on it.

It’s --compile-opts?

=>> clj -m cljs.main --help
Usage: java -cp cljs.jar cljs.main [init-opt*] [main-opt] [arg*]

With no options or args, runs an interactive Read-Eval-Print Loop

init options:
  -co, --compile-opts edn     Options to configure the build, can be an EDN
                              string or system-dependent path-separated list of
                              EDN files / classpath resources. Options will be
                              merged left to right.
   -d, --output-dir path      Set the output directory to use. If supplied,
                              cljsc_opts.edn in that directory will be used to
                              set ClojureScript compiler options
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Yes --compile-options, I wrote from memory.

Yes, thanks. It seems there is more than one way to achieve this.

I would still recommend learning shadow-cljs as your first cljs compiler though

Why? and why does cljs has so many compilers. Can you please explain or point me to some reference.

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Try this ClojureScript for web development - where to start? (AKA Little Printf [1])

Best compilers today I think are figwheel-main and shadow-cljs. However if you are new to Clojure, shadow-cljs would be a better option to start with. It has better support for npm ecosystem and brings quite some features and experiences from Webpack.

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There is only one compiler: ClojureScript itself. All the other stuff like shadow-cljs and figwheel is about build tooling. They take what the ClojureScript compiler produces and organize/bundle it to do interesting stuff like live reload. These tools just provide enhanced build features, just like you’d combine TypeScript with webpack.


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