Heyyo! I’m Zachary, people call me Zack! :slight_smile:

I’m a final year uni student in SUTD, Singapore :singapore: and I have been spending my Summer break picking up Clojure.

I got here through a trail of rabbit holes from Linux -> Emacs -> Clojure :sweat_smile:

Other rabbit holes along the way include Polyphasic Sleep (where I’ve been trying to make use of this COVID period to really adapt to a schedule) and abit of Ergonomic Keyboards (I love my Kinesis Advantage :X) Some of my interests include Anime, Gaming, Tetris & Photography (but I haven’t been devoting much time to them)

Being Catholic :cross: is really important to me so I’ll just leave it here as well! :slight_smile:

Will be using Clojure for my Capstone Project (where I’m somewhat hoping I can leverage a good outcome to direct my then internship company to use ClojureScript) and do sincerely hope to use Clojure in my first job (albeit am not too confident given Singapore’s lack thereof Clojure adoption and bad economy climate as a whole - if I were to try for an overseas role)