1:1 On-Demand Mentoring

Hey all, it’s Raf here (you may know me from Solving Problems the Clojure Way).

As an experiment to create a new type of resource for the community, I’ll be offering free 1:1 Clojure mentoring over the next several weeks on Unstuck.

If you’re looking for help getting started with Clojure, code-reviews, debugging help, or just to chat about Clojure, join this Unstuck group, and make a request. (Here’s a calendar of when I plan to be online)

The way Unstuck works is - you make a request in the app (“nullpointer error help”), it notifies others in the group, and then you get put into a 1:1 screen-sharing session with the first person that responds.

At the start of this adventure, it will just be me responding to help requests, but…

How cool would it be to always be a “virtual shoulder-tap” away from a Clojurian somewhere else in the world?

… so, if “helping other Clojurians” is your jam, please join me in offering help!

BTW, James, Berk, and I wrote Unstuck (in Clojure, of course) to help support new hires at our company, but we realized it could be useful for remote communities too, so we’re making it available for free. I’d love to get your feedback on the experience.

If you have questions or run into any issues, you can reply here (or submit a bug report inside the app).


Wow, this service really works!

I tried with “beta” expectation and what I had as a “reality” was the chance to talk with an expert, such as Raf. They were so fast that I could not totally prepare myself for “the meeting” haha.

Thank you for the opportunity and keep up the excellent work!


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