2018 Conferences that may accept Clojure-related talks

A recent discussion (on Twitter I believe) noted that to carry Clojure more into other communities we should give talks at non-Clojure focused conferences etc. I think that makes sense and intuitively it seems that this kind of cross-pollination between communities is a good thing.

So — let’s make a list of conferences/events that may accept Clojure-related talks.

Please include conference date/CFP deadlines if CFP is already open. I will update this post.




Other (Community, General Engineering, Management, …)

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Strange Loop, Sept 26-28th. CFP will open in April


Love the idea and initiative. People, submit talks !

I think I’ll propose something for Best of Web (French, in Paris, mostly front-end, I’m a previous co-organizer/MC of the first editions :smiley: ), but feel free to propose something.

There’s ClojureSYNC in New Orleans the weekend after mardi gras Feb 15 and 16. I have no idea if all speaker slots are taken but it can’t hurt to ask. Not sure if Eric is planning unsessions like the conj’s but there might be a chance that you could give talks even if all speaker slots are filled anyways.

YOW! Lambda Jam in Sydney, 21-23 May. They’ve had some Clojure-related talks previously, I’ll probably submit one this year.

In Romania. http://codecamp.ro/

It’s already official, Tony Kay author of the fulcro library will be doing a clojurescript workshop at the event in Iasi on 22-23 March.


I will be doing a presentation from a beginners perspective:
"Why I chose Clojurescript, lessons learned & experiences gained 18 months later in retrospect. "


http://devnexus.com/ (a friend who is involved with the conference indicated to me they would be open to Clojure talks but I have no idea about the CFP)


ReactiveConf: https://reactiveconf.com/
David Nolen gave a talk at this conference at 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkh4hjyHdWA