2021-06 - Plans & Hopes for Clojure Data Science

It’s a new month and so a good time to tell each other about our plans & hopes for June and beyond. We’ve been doing this monthly in the #data-science thread in Clojurians Zulip. Please join us!

Why do we do this? The hope is that through periodical updates we may help each other catch up and think about the bigger picture, and the way our efforts may tie together. It’s also a good way for each of us to remind ourselves individually of what we have done, and what we would like to do in the near future.

Soooo… It would be great if you all would consider the following questions and briefly mention your views towards them. Please skip anything that you find irrelevant. Keep in mind, these are only prompts to get you thinking.

  • Are you working on anything related to the Clojure ecosystem for data science / scientific computing / data tooling / data engineering? Let us know about it.
  • Have you been doing anything interesting in the last month?
  • Is there any new realization or change in your hopes and beliefs about the ecosystem’s future?
  • What are you hoping to create/learn/explore in the coming month? … and in the coming 3 months?
  • What developments are you hoping to see in the ecosystem and community in the coming month? … and in the coming 3 months?

Also: if you are interested to see what you or others have written in the past few months here are some links to the previous threads:

Looking forward to hear about what everyone has been up to and hopes to be up to!

:pray: :fireworks: :pray: