3e.eu is hiring Clojure devs


I’m member of a small development team at 3e.eu who is in charge of developing Solar and Wind monitoring services.

We use Common Lisp, Clojure and Java, and we are looking for a couple of experienced Clojure developers to join the team and drive forward development on the Clojure side.

To offer some context, after seeing what is possible with Common Lisp, the Java devs picked up Clojure in 2018 to take apart a legacy Java JBoss/JSF stack and serve as foundation for our new service architecture. We were able to move very fast and deliver happily with Clojure and, while we are not done yet, the objectives set for next year are even more ambitious.

Therefore, we are looking to fill 2 new full-time permanent positions for experienced Clojure devs.

If you have experience using Clojure in production, if you like to coach developers to write elegant code, if you enjoy discussing algorithms and software architectures (with opiniated people) and be empowered with the decisions, and if working for the renewable energy domain motivates you, then you’ll find yourself right at home within the team.

Remote work is an option, but the easier it is for you to come over and enjoy a coffee together at our beautiful office in Brussels, the better it is for us.

You can drop me an email at [email protected] to apply or ask questions.

Thank you,


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