3E is hiring Clojure developers

  • Company name: 3E
  • Role: Clojure developer (Back-end).
  • Contract type: Full time (employee or freelance)
  • Location: EU. Ideally, nearby our HQ offices in Brussels to easily meet in person and enjoy a drink together at the same time.
  • Link: Clojure Developer | 3E

3E is hiring professional Clojure developers to strengthen the development team behind their renewable energy monitoring and analytics platform.

We use Clojure to develop the REST API that exposes our domain model and new analytics services to our UI team and our customers, we recently tried our hands at Babashka to automate some internal tasks, and there have been discussions around cljfx or Skija for the development of internal UI tools next year. It is a small team moving fast and with a growing backlog list of ambitions and requirements. As such, we are looking for experienced developers to contribute to architecture discussions and drive the implementation, from design to deployment in production.

If you are interested or have questions on this opportunity, the application form can be reached through this link.