4clojure.com status

I have been teaching Clojure to junior developers at work for about seven years. Recently we discovered that 4Clojure.com does not load in Safari. The site runs Clojure 1.4 (latest is 1.10.3). No problems, or very few, have been added for several years, and the REPL link on each page is broken.

Are the maintainers of this site still in the community? Would they accept help from the community to address some of these issues? There are other learning resources out there, but we’ve found this site a very helpful resource for getting new Clojurists up to speed (which is more common for us than onboarding experienced Clojure devs).


The original creator unfortunately passed away 4 years ago. I don’t know if anyone is still maintaining it.

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There are or were more people involved though, like amalloy.

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Ah, I didn’t know Anthony was the original creator - super nice guy.

Sadly, it seems to be hard-down for all browsers today.

The all-browser outage seems to have been a temporary problem, thankfully.

It seems to have reoccurred. I used 4clojure without problem 10 days ago, but now it does not load.

The certificate for 4clojure (and a few other sites, if you look at the certificate’s subject alternate names) expired on June 27th.

It would be great to get this going again as it remains a fantastic resource for beginners. Just a few weeks ago I was talking to someone who was learning Clojure and using 4Clojure a lot.

I don’t know if Alan Malloy is on Twitter (failed to find anything), but is it possible to tag someone into a post here? I’ll try it: @amalloy (?)

I realise this doesn’t help with things like certificates, but I wonder, would 4clojure be a good candidate for moving to clj-commons?

clj-commons can only accept a project if someone is willing to step up and maintain it – otherwise, it’s still just going to be an abandoned project.

By forking and refactoring, I restarted TryClojure .
For more details, check out this PR Migrate to deps, http-kit, reitit; by dongxuwang · Pull Request #1 · dongxuwang/tryclojure · GitHub


I did something similar a few months ago :smiley:



It is shutting down: https://groups.google.com/g/clojure/c/ZWmDEzvn-Js?pli=1

There is a new initiative here: https://4clojure.oxal.org/
No server required, just static assets hosted on Github pages.