A call for Clojure stacks

I’ve launched a new website to try and encourage people to share their Clojure stacks, meaning their particular combination of libraries and the setup of their projects. The purpose of the site is to help newcomers build a stack for themselves by looking at examples of existing working projects. Since Clojure has no official “frameworks” (and rightly so), I think we could at least show beginners how everything fits together, lego-style.

More info here: http://www.clojurestacks.com/misc/2018/05/06/a-call-for-clojure-stacks.html


That’s very useful Stathi! I hope people will give examples of their stacks, it would be very helpful for future projects…

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Robert Stuttaford wrote a great blog post a while back about the stack he uses at Congnician: https://www.stuttaford.me/2016/01/15/how-cognician-uses-onyx/

And another more recent post describing the stack for an open source webapp he’s making on behalf of Clojure Bridge: https://www.stuttaford.me/2018/02/18/a-clojure-learning-journey/

I’ve been using both to inform my decisions in my own side projects.

Count me (and my team) in :+1:

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