A ClojureScript app exploring dozenal music notation

Just a silly bit of fun, exploring an alternative notation for music (in particular guitar tabs) using base-12 numbers.


Built using ClojureScript and React via Rum.

Feedback, welcome, from musicians and programmers alike!


I know nothing about music, but I like interactivity and the fact that it works just fine on mobile. Good job!

What do you think of Rum ? I’d love your opinion on it.

I find that Rum delivers well on the promises made in its README - it is truly simpler and less opinionated than the alternative React wrappers I know of (Reagent, Quiescent, Om), and its mixin architecture makes it very expressive without forcing you to write classes. I find its choice of explicit atom reads (via rum.core/react) to be more tasteful than Reagent’s Ratom abstraction.

The only thing I would add in favour of Reagent is that Reagent is truly ‘homoiconic’: its UI trees are really made of data structures, which can be assembled programmatically with little commitment, passed around and tested for equality, which makes it pratical to have generic components parameterized with other components. Rum does not really have that AFAICT (neither does React) - or maybe @tonsky will want to correct me?

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I’m into music making and I’d like to keep up with your endeavor. It looks really interesting. I’m thinking about coding melody generator and your notation looks quite helpful.

Very cool! I need to spend more time with dozenal! Turns out there’s an American Dozenal Association!


Also, “there’s nothing new under the sun?” :slight_smile: A quick search returned this:


Tangentially related: hookpad (since we are talking alternative music notation).


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@EmmanuelOga thanks for the links, will include them in the project!

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