A clojurescript framework which uses multi-methods and integrant

source code: GitHub - itarck/fancoil: A clojurescript framework
some examples: GitHub - itarck/fancoil-example: Some examples for fancoil framework, todomvc (ratom or poshed datascript as db), cat chat room (with backend via http-cljs + haslett)

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Add a new example, realworld or called conduit, works fine

Add a new repo to put fancoil modules,
GitHub - itarck/fancoil.module: modules for fancoil framework.

  • fancoil.module.datascript:datascript, an alternative to ratom
  • fancoil.module.posh:poshed datascript,you can use posh in subscribe
  • fancoil.module.cljs-ajax: a wrap for cljs-ajax, as plugin of fancoil unit do!
  • fancoil.module.reitit.html-router: a reitit frontend router,