A codepen for clojurescript prototype

I wanted to make something similar to Codepen for clojurescript. I experimented with self-hosted clojurescript to come up with completely client-side application.
Currently this is at prototype stage.

  1. currently no way to add dependencies (js or clojurescript). But am close to implementing both. So available namespaces are cljs.core & all the closure libs
  2. Code is shareable through url for now. so whatever the limit of the browser url is the limit. I will probably use a third party k/v service to load code from remote location instead of url soon.

I would love to get feedback from community.


Why don’t you get Clojurescript running on Codependent directly? If possible of course.

its definitely possible to load the self hosted clojurescript js file as an external library in https://codepen.io/ . There are several reasons why its not ideal

  1. syntax highlighting. Currently they have highlighting for html,css,js,babel es6,jsx. Adding clojure/lisp code highlighting may not be possible without the help of the creator of the website
  2. Dependencies. Codepen currently have way to include external js. But not clojars dependencies (which I am working on it)

Apart from these , I just wanted see if the whole thing works without the help of an external server. So that it doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever . Just serve it from github pages forever

Oh, I thought a deep integration was possible through plugins. Good luck, it’s a very good idea.

By the way I already used something similar using an existing Klipse blog post, and writing some custom code. I definitely agree there’s a need here.

Really cool! I tested by bringing my Eratosthenes Party there. :smile:

Would be nice with a REPL as well. Maybe you could use the same stuff as Calva uses for its (not yet released) REPL window for that. PM me about it, if that sounds interesting.

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It looks great! I made something similar back in 2016: it’s the Klipse app: http://app.klipse.tech/
I would be happy if we could join forces.


Actually, I use the klipse app regularly to identify how the clojurescript is translated to js. Its very invaluable for me to understand the compiler while I was building this.

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