(A concise guide to) Getting Started with Clojure on Windows


I primarily use Clojure on Windows with VS Code and Calva. Over time I’ve installed Clojure multiple ways on Windows, and I wanted to distill that knowledge to help others get started easily. I wrote this partly for a friend who recently asked me how to do this, but also I’ve been wanting to write it for others for some time. There are other guides like this, but I found none that took the same approach I wanted to take. I also tried to make it short and remove any other noise to avoid information overload for people coming from other environments who don’t know what Leiningen is, aren’t familiar with the JDK, etc.

This is the guide I wished I had when I started. Feedback is welcome. I imagine many people here aren’t at this early of a level of learning, so I plan to post it elsewhere too (other programming communities).


Can you use calva with clojure cli on window ?

There’s been some work on a clj powershell script. Check Clojure.org for more details:


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You can use Calva with Clojure CLI. When you run the Calva jack-in command to start a project REPL and connect Calva to it, you get these options:


Thanks! I’ve seen this but wanted to (at least for now) get newcomers started straight with Leiningen. I myself have not tried out the CLI tools or tool.deps yet, but it all looks really exciting.

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