A guided tour for the Clojure podcasting ecosystem


I’ve just published A Guided tour for the Clojure podcasting ecosystem. Highlighted episodes:

If you listen to Clojure podcasts, what do you prefer? Do you have any additions to the list? Please comment!



I started listening to Clojure podcasts only a couple of months ago, so I haven’t listened to all the episodes you mentioned, but I really liked the one with Russ Olsen too.

What I like is listening to the same guest on different podcasts to to get a feeling of how Clojure and their view on the eco system and the community evolved during the last years, some examples

David Nolen:

Bruce Hauman:

Mike Fikes:

Arne Brasseur:

Carin Meier:

Eric Normand:

Alex Miller:

There are more such examples but I overstayed my awake time already and go to bed now.

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