A home for Clojure Data Science community?

It would be awesome if there was a single page/site as the entrance into the topic and community of Data science in Clojure, with links to the community (such as the Zulip chat, a list past online meetings), overview of libraries, etc.

So that when somebody wonders “is Clojure any good for data science?” or wonders how to solve a particular problem, this would be the place that search sends them to and from where they can easily find the answer.



I like the idea! Are you thinking of a “clojuredatascience.org” landing page? Or a ClojureVerse subforum?

Riffing off Python, there’s the scipy homepage that provides a similar function, though “scientific programming” is more than just data science.

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I don’t think that a forum is a good place for a mostly static info. So rather something like clojuredatascience.org or clojure-data-science.github.io. Yes, https://www.scipy.org/ is similar (though more single-sofware-package oriented it seems, we would have no “Install” button).

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We are actually working on this https://scicloj.github.io/


Ah, awesome!

I guess it would be nice to have a separate “Community” item in the menu, and a more generic home page, i.e. with a little intro before jumping into the problems & solutions list?

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(moved over to Zulip)

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