A new Clojure conference to replace Clojure/West (Clojure SYNC)

Hey everyone!

I’m running a conference early next year in New Orleans. It’s called Clojure SYNC and it’s February 15 & 16, 2018. That’s about the same time as Clojure/West.

I’ve got awesome speakers lined up (see here), including Gerald Sussman, co-author of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Julie Sussman, another co-author, will also be there. David Nolen, Will Byrd, Zach Tellman, Elana Hashman, Kim Crayton, … So many great talks.

It’s also right in the heart of the French Quarter. It’s a special place, that moves at a different pace, with a unique architecture and cuisine. The location will help you open your mind to the awesome talks that are happening.

I’d love to start a discussion about this conference. Do you have any questions about it?

Rock on!

PS I’m having a sale that ends November 29. You can get $50 off the regular ticket price with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.


Any plans to have videos? Like available to purchase through PurelyFunctional.tv? (I wouldn’t be able to make it in-person.)

Hi @floop,

Thanks for your interest!

I’m planning on recording the talks. I’ll post them to YouTube once they’re ready.



Wish I could make it, @ericnormand! Congrats on putting all this together. I’m sure it was a ton of work. Where better than New Orleans for a conference?!

What inspired you to pursue this grand effort?

Hey @webappzero,

Every time I went to a conference I wanted to run one myself. I love hosting people and helping other have an experience.

Rock on!

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excited about this one! especially how well-scoped the whole thing is, and the fact that you care about soft stuff like not having it in a corporate hotel ballroom—so it’s integrated into city culture. I’ll be there!

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Wohoo! Happy to have you there!

I’m definitely sweating the details like venue and location. :slight_smile: