A reClojure preview session

On the coming Friday, we will have a Scicloj meeting with a few of the coming reClojure presenters.

It will be an informal meeting where presenters will discuss the topics of their talks with a small Clojure audience.

Joining this meeting as the audience would be very helpful in providing feedback and ideas to the speakers.


  • If you are a presenter and wish to present anything, please reach out to @daslu.
  • If you wish to attend as a listener, please mark the Going button at the top of this page. Note you may also find the Add to Calendar button useful.


  • @matt & Yuchen Liu: Clojask: Inviting Data Scientists to Distributed Computing
  • @adham: Navigating Clojure: A Fresh Look From a Data Analysis
  • @kiramclean: Data and Clojure: Using Clojure for more than software development
  • TBD


The session will be between 90 to 120 minutes long.

Video meeting

We will use the following Zoom link:


The meeting will be recorded for the use of the presenters. The recording will not be made public.

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See you in a little more than an hour.

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