A scad-clj example project - Interactive 3D Modeling

I watched a video by Stian Eikeland where he demos creating an Oloid, modeling it with Clojure and then printing it. Super inspiring! It turns out he is using scad-clj there and also that he has published some of his experiments as a Github repo. It helped me to quickly start rendering stuff myself.

I asked about this thing with 3D printing in #off-topic on the Clojurians Slack yesterday. I quickly found out that there are more Clojurians interested in this. We created a #scad-clj channel there. Please consider joining!

Stian’s project is great for inspiration, but it lacks some context and instructions, for my purposes. I copied it and created a repo that it is more directly aimed at helping people get started. Interactive Programming is the civilized way to 3D modeling, as with so many other things.

I recorded a demo to go with it:

(As with all my videos it is a bit of a rambling and me thinking out loud. It got a bit worse this time because Streamlabs OBS has decided to randomly freeze and freeze the computer along with it. It threw me completely off balance, and also I am not good at video editing so I edited away most of the freezes in the most crude manner possible. I do hope the video is still useful and worth sharing around!)

The example project instructions assume Calva, and the project has Calva settings to aid the workflow. Please feel free to PR in instructions and settings for your editor of choice.

Happy 3D modeling! :heart:


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