A simpler zprint emacs package implementation

Today I gave a try on zprint, an awesome tool for code reformat. it’s powerful and fast. And I found there’s a zprint-mode.el, but it manage download with specific binary version and it create temporary files during the procedure.

So I recreate a simpler version(just a few lines, no wrapper shell script, no temporary files).


Man this is great, I have had a WIP patch again zprint-mode.el for using the installed binary for a while in my branch and you beat me to it :smiley:

A big thank you!

There’s also zprint-format (I’m the author) which is on MELPA.

Thanks @dpassen I will try both and decide :smiley: I am using borg which uses Emacsmirror - I know weird - so I will see which one I can find there, then lean on MELPA in case.

I prefer Borg cause it makes it a bit easier to contribute back but :man_shrugging:

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