A video introduction to Arcadia -- clojure in unity!

Hello! I created a short introducing to Arcadia where I guide you in installing Arcadia. After that I show of some basic Arcadia usage. :slight_smile:

All comments and feedback is super appreciated. If you want more, please tell me and I’ll make it. :smiley:


Quickly comment: I’ve been looking to get into Arcadia, so thanks for making this! Will definitely be watching.

Overall, I’m curious about how well the Clojure CLR experience is, and if I’ll be able to get good editor integration set up. Expression evaluation is good, working documentation lookup is even better!

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Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Currently editor integration is generally basic. Load file, eval line, eval top form etc works in most editors, it’s possible to get jump to definition and auto completion going pretty easily. Using arcadia there is also a pretty cool breakpoint system which is detailed in the arcadia wiki. :slight_smile:

I’m actually working a bit on emacs/vscode integration. Miracle that I use is a fork of monroe-mode that I maintain, which enables go to definition and auto completion. For debugging I generally use the breakpoints and miracle.save.

If you have any wishes for support in vscode/emacs, please tell me, because those are the environments I’m working on. If you are more interested in other editors, check out the wiki and come talk to us at gitter! :slight_smile:

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Sounds good! I’m using Emacs / Spacemacs, so knowing that I won’t have to switch to a completely new environment only makes Arcadia even more attractive :blush:

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Well with emacs you have a plethora of options. :slight_smile: They’re detailed here.

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Quick note if anyone else are installing Unity from Linux: You won’t find a Linux installer on the big installer page. Instead, install with an AppImage for Unity Hub. With Unity Hub, you authenticate and install the version you want.

  1. Sign up for a Unity ID

  2. Download the latest Unity Hub AppImage from the forum. Latest as of 2019-05-10 is Unity Hub 1.6.2

  3. Make the AppImage executable

     chmod +x UnityHubSetup.AppImage
  4. Then run it.


That’s great info! I haven’t tried Unity on Ubuntu myself.

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