About the Chestnut category

Chestnut is a Clojure/ClojureScript application for building React based user interfaces. It provides a complete setup, batteries included, but keeps boilerplate to a minimum. It aims to be easy to use and beginner friendly.

This forum acts as the Chestnut mailing list, you can use it to ask questions or discuss features. Bug reports and pull requests belong on Github, all the rest we can talk about here.

You can either treat this place as a forum, or as a mailing list. To use it as a mailing list

  • Sign up to clojureverse.org with the email address you’ll be posting from
  • Go to the Chestnut category and in the top right corner click on the circle next to “New Post”, and set it to Watching
  • to post to the mailing list, write an email to chestnut@lists.clojureverse.org
  • to reply to a post, simply reply to the email

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