Add Prone to Chestnut?

I only recently found out about Prone

It turns exceptions in a Ring app into nice interactive stack traces where you can inspect the request and stuff like that. The README links to a great demo video.

I’m keen to add it to Chestnut, it seems like one of these obvious developer happiness things, and that’s what Chestnut is all about. With the current setup it’s also quite easy to have it in dev mode, but leave it out in production (not a good idea to have stuff like this in production, it’s bad for security.)


I’ve got no complaints about adding it – it seems like quite the excellent debug tool that would make dev life easy!

One thing to consider: prone did not work with clojure 1.9 until recently.

Don’t know if the fix has been released?

Looking at the history the fix was released in 1.1.2, and Prone is now at 1.1.4.

This seems like some good low-hanging fruit in case someone wants to get their first PR into Chestnut :slight_smile:

As always I’m happy to help / guide / mentor.