Adding dependencies into deps.edn in Spacemacs

I’m trying to add dependencies to deps.edn typing SPC r a p. When I select a dependency, I get the following message: cljr--insert-into-leiningen-dependencies: Search failed: ":dependencies". So apparently clj-refactor doesn’t recognize my deps.edn file. What am I missing?

Deleting pom.xml from project root solved the problem. I guess the problem was in
cljr--project-file function of clj-refactor.el file or some other function that consumes that one. cljr--project-file looks over possible project files and pom.xml precedes deps.edn.

That’s a bug in the refactoring tool then: a lot of deps.edn projects include a pom.xml file as well, but deps.edn is the source of truth and pom.xml is partly or wholy generated from it.

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