Advent of CLJC

Advent of CLJC is a repo that collects cross platform Clojure solutions for Advent of Code.

Feel free to create a PR for a puzzle you solved in Advent of Code 2018.
If you don’t know how to start nREPL or CIDER using tools.deps, I’d be happy to add it to the README.
Or if you want to use leiningen or boot for development, just add a file for that.


Nice one! I’m doing something slightly different this year, an “Advent of Transducers”. Since most puzzles require you to consume a long list of inputs, and reducing them to a single solution in one way or another, I figured transducers are a perfect fit.

I’m making liberal use of Christophe Grand’s xform library.

In case folks are curious:


Can you also publish some performance data with those solutions so they can be compared with non-transducer solutions? I’d like to know if transducers really helped. During 2017 I used this so the input reading could also be transduced:

Sure, I added timing information in comments. I might borrow your resource-reducible when I get to tomorrow’s solution.

Thanks! You could compare the timing to multiple other solutions later today by going to:

and opening the latest build, then opening the tests. Note that the first half of the output is about CLJ and the second half about CLJS.

What’s a good place to get some feedback?
I’m kinda new to Clojure and my solution to Day 1 is horribly slow for some reason (takes 30 mins)
Is this a good place? ( I got some good tips from the other solutions, but am still a bit stumped)

The #adventofcode channel on Slack is quite active.

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