AMA with Carin Meier, author of Living Clojure on Friday January 12th

Following up on our first AMA last year I’m very happy to announce another Ask-Me-Anything session on ClojureVerse!

Next Friday January 12th @Carin_Meier, author of Living Clojure will be here to answer your questions! :tada:

The AMA will run for 24 hours, from 2:00 PM UTC on Friday, until the same time Saturday.

Carin started off as a professional ballet dancer, studied physics in college, and has been developing software for both the enterprise and entrepreneur ever since. She has a thing for Clojure and can be usually found with a cup of tea in her hand, hacking on robots and working hard to make them self aware. She is the author of Living Clojure by O’Reilly and works for Cognitect as a developer.

You can also learn more about Carin on her website

On the day of the AMA there will be a dedicated AMA thread, where you can post your questions. To participate either post questions, or like questions interesting to you. Questions with the most likes will be answered first. ClojureVerse moderators will be there to moderate.

As usual our Code of Conduct will be in effect.

Looking forward to your questions!


Just a reminder that this is happening tomorrow! :sparkles:

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