AMA with Zach Tellman, author of Elements of Clojure on Wednesday March 28th

As if we haven’t already had enough amazing guests for our Ask-Me-Anything format I’m thrilled to announce that @ztellman has agreed to join us for an AMA session!

Here’s the details for your calendars:

  • The AMA will run for 24 hours, from 7:00 PM UTC on Wednesday 2018-03-28, until the same time Thursday.

Some of you may know Zach from his various Clojure libraries and writings, in case you don’t here’s a quick primer:

Zach has written libraries for Clojure, spoken about Clojure, and most recently written a book about Clojure. He is currently working on a developer tool for exploratory data processing.

Zach also has a website at I’m a particular fan of the essays section.

On the day of the AMA there will be a dedicated AMA thread, where you can post your questions. To participate either post questions, or like questions interesting to you. Questions with the most likes will be answered first. ClojureVerse moderators will be around to moderate.

As usual our Code of Conduct will be in effect.

Alright, see you next Wednesday. Looking forward to everyone’s questions :slight_smile:

PS. Tell your friends. :smiley:


Friendly reminder that the AMA is starting in about 3hrs.

Now is a good time to prepare some questions — see you in a bit :v: