An opinionated list of excellent Clojure learning materials

These resources (articles, books, and videos) are useful when you’re starting to learn the language, or when you’re learning a specific part of the language. This an opinionated list, no doubt. I’ve compiled this list from writing and teaching Clojure over the last 10 years.


Fantastic :pray:

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Hello! Awesome to see you here.


Wonderful initiative! IMO (biased, yes) the Calva Getting Started REPL fits in the Getting into the language category. I know of quite a few people who have learnt their first Clojure that way.

Also, I’ve made an editor based version of 4Clojure. GitHub - PEZ/rich4clojure: Practice Clojure using Interactive Programming in your editor The rationale being that it’s good to practice Clojure in the way you are using it for real projects.


I would humbly suggest adding Olsen’s “Getting Clojure”. IMHO the clearest written book on clojure, and a great compliment to the others on there.

Thx for the list!

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