[ANN] Bract: Data-driven Application initialisation framework


I am happy to announce a data-driven application initialisation framework called Bract.

Bract provides a first class, declarative way to express application initialisation config and steps/workflow. Bract has modules for various purposes, and offers the necessary glue to bind an application. It can integrate with tests, REPL (Reloaded workflow) and CLI etc. There are example applications included to demonstrate how to use Bract. Gossamer is a minimal, extensible web framework built on top of Bract modules.

At SAP Concur, we have been using Bract for over a year in production to build REST(ish) microservices. I spoke about Bract at the IN/Clojure 2019 conference recently, the slides for which are at the URL below:

I would be happy to receive any feedback, suggestions and questions about Bract. Please let me know what you think.



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