[ANN] Chestnut 0.10.0

A new Chestnut is out. This release is mainly upgrading dependencies. It also introduces the new --reagent and --vanilla flags.


Chetnut 0.10.1 is out, which fixes an issue which causes the Om dependency to be absent when using --http-kit.

I just pulled up a new project, and see 0.11.0 pulled from clojars, but no updates here or github. Are you stealth releasing goodies at us? :wink:

Oops yes :slight_smile: I rushed out when David Nolen released a new clojurescript. it
contains the latest clojurescript and Figwheel. No changes for the rest. I
bumped it to 0.11 because clojurescript went from 1.7.x to 1.8.x.