[ANN] gradle-clojure 0.4.0 (Adding ClojureScript support)


gradle-clojure is a Gradle plugin supporting Clojure and (now) ClojureScript development.

The 0.4.0 release adds support for ClojureScript compilation and Figwheel Main.

For those not familiar with Gradle, it’s a JVM-based build tool that supports many JVM (and not) languages. It has a large
plugin ecosystem and is used by many companies with existing JVM codebases.

The goals of gradle-clojure are to:

  • Allow existing users of Gradle to add Clojure into their environments without switching build tools.
  • Try to provide the creature comforts of Leiningen and Boot in Gradle.

Current features include:

  • clojure.test execution (as part of Gradle’s existing infrastructure)
  • Clojure AOT compilation
  • uberjar packaging
  • ClojureScript compilation
  • nREPL server (including Figwheel Main support)
  • project templates (leveraging clj-new)

See our documentation (which is definitely in need of improvement) for details on how to use the plugin. If you have further questions, visit the ClojureVerse gradle-clojure category or the #gradle Clojurian’s Slack channel.

Thanks to Colin Fleming for the initial code and Piotrek Bzdyl for his significant contributions (most notably the first cut of this ClojureScript support)!

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