[ANN] Learn ClojureScript and re-frame - Video Course


I’m the guy who tries to push ClojureScript for more adoption in Web Development by creating high quality video courses.

My first course, very well recieved (https://www.learnreagent.com/#community), was released around 6 months ago.

Now I’m working on a new one and it’s all about re-frame

It covers these concepts:

  • application state — app-db
  • effects — db & fx
  • subscriptions
  • interceptors
  • coeffects
  • routing
  • re-frame-http-fx
  • re-frame-10x

The code has beed reviewd by these guys, to make sure it’s best practice:

  • Daniel Compton - core contributor re-frame
  • Thomas Heller - creator shadow-cljs
  • Juho Teperi - core contributor reagent
  • Mike Thompson - creator re-frame

If you belive this could be something for your check it out – https://www.learnreframe.com/

It’s open for enrollment and the first videos will be available 24th of February

Thank you for reading this,


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