[ANN] μ/log v0.5.0 - a micro-logging library that logs events and data, not words!

Hi all,
i’ve just released https://github.com/BrunoBonacci/mulog v0.5.0 with the following changes/fixes

  • new Prometheus publisher (thanks @BrandonStubbs)
  • Now with 10+ publishers including: Elasticsearch, Kafka, Kinesis, Cloudwatch Logs, Slack, Zipkin, Jaeger…
  • fixes to namespace tracking (thanks @DarinDouglass)
  • Zipkin publisher support for external trace ids
  • Updated dependencies.

Online doc on cljdoc: https://cljdoc.org/d/com.brunobonacci/mulog/0.5.0/doc/readme


This looks awesome, and the docs are great, too! Congrats on the release, and thanks for sharing!


This looks incredible. Will definitely try it out for my next backend.

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