[ANN] scope-capture 0.3.0

Just released scope-capture 0.3.0, with some new goodies: https://github.com/vvvvalvalval/scope-capture

  • spyqt / brkqt (SPY QuieTly), useful for preventing large outputs from drowning your REPL. Thanks to @djebbz for the idea. Docs.
  • (sc.api/calling-from ...) and :sc/called-from: only log / record an Execution Point when invoked from some upstream caller. Useful for spy-ing inside generic functions which get called a lot when you trigger execution. Docs.

To all people who often use the REPL but don’t use this library, give it a try it’s extremely useful for debugging. Props to you @vvvvalvalval


I pushed a bug in 0.3.0 - jump straight to 0.3.1. My bad!

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