Announcing: cljs-test-display to display your ClojureScript tests

Please take a look, I’d love to hear feedback about how its working with large test suites.



Thanks for building test-display. I am already using figwheel and devcards, which are great, and I thought this would fill a gap.

I actually have the devcards.core/deftest included in all my ns’s, so that I already get a visual display of every test even when there’s no ui control involved in an ns.

Rather than have an extra build for test-display, what I’d really like is for devcards to incorporate the functionality of test-display, so:

  1. red/green at the top of the main page
  2. tests to be re-run via on-jsload

If there’s a way to do either of those already that’d be awesome!

The other pain point of test-display is that I have to re-list all my test ns’s, which are already listed elsewhere. if you could use (run-all-tests #“myns.*”) that would be easier


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