Announcing the first release of Anakondo, Emacs auto-completion without needing a REPL


An Emacs Clojure[Script] minor mode powered by clj-kondo. It lets you have auto-complete of Clojure buffers even without a connected REPL!




Looks good, Didier! How does it play with CIDER’s autocomplete once you do connect to a REPL?

If you got the order like I recommend, which is to add the Cider hooks first and anakondo second. Then when you do connect a REPL Emacs will switch to using Cider’s completion.

When you quit the REPL, it is supposed to go back to using Anakondo’s completion, but some bug in Cider prevents that for now. So you have to toggle anakondo-minor-mode on/off again after.

If you set it up on the other order, then it’ll always use Anakondo’s completion, except at the REPL buffer it will use Cider’s.

Thanks! I’ll give it a go this evening.

This looks great. I love clj-kondo. The repl is great but needing one to do everything is kind of a drag. I just wish it was for vim. :sob:

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