Announcing: The Scicloj Workshops Series

Announcing: :sparkles:Scicloj Workshops Series :sparkles:

I want to announce our new Scicloj Workshop series that will be kicking off this month, starting this Saturday, May 7th, with the first of Rohit Thadani’s two-part workshop, “Introduction to the measures of statistical inference”.

What are SciCloj workshops?

This initiative was born out of our positive experience last November presenting a series of workshops with support from the re:Clojure 2021 conference. These workshops were such a good experience for so many people that we decided to try to run them on a more regular basis.

This new series will continue to focus on issues related (loosely) to data-centric computing with Clojure, but we are open to considering a range of topics related to Clojure more generally.

Where can I learn about these workshops?

For the moment, we will be posting details and sign-up for the events here on Clojureverse in the Meetups & Events section. However, you can also catch announcements elsewhere:

Can I give a workshop?

Yes, please! We are limited in resources but will do our best to consider your idea. If you have an idea for a workshop, please submit the idea here: Scicloj Workshop Idea Submission. Also, do not hesitate to reach out to us by contacting me (@ezmiller) or @scicloj on Twitter. Or any other practical contact method, such as messaging me here on Clojureverse or Clojurians Zulip or Slack

I also want to stress that we are trying to provide support for those who would like to teach a subject. To wit, presenting a workshop starts well before the workshop takes place. We will work with you to find an informed interlocutor with whom you can can meet several times (or as needed) to develop and polish ideas about the workshop.

So far, this partnering process is shaping up to be a crucial and enjoyable part of the Scicloj workshop series. It makes the whole experience more social, helps build community ties, and works against the isolation of authorship in general.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch. And please stay tuned for more workshops! Also please comment below if you have any suggestions and/or questions.

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