Any interesting projects built in ClojureScript

I want to see some interesting apps or websites built with ClojureScript.

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I think all use ClojureScript.


My entire project is build w/ CLJS:

It’s a custom Rum + custom Datascript. About 25k LOC. Though, you need to create an account to actually see the SPA.


Calva is not even close to entirely using ClojureScript, but certainly we will get it there:

Calva uses Calva Formatter for its formatting and that is a ClojureScript First project where TypeScript is only used for the integration parts and ClojureScript is used for building the ”library” of functionality.


I started a collection of ClojureScript programs that are publicly available on github. See this announcement post: [ANN] cjs-corpus: A greppable archive of ClojureScript code

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