Any one active on Clojure's Discord group?

Saw this post listing a bunch of reasons why Discords is better for people like us:

  • Core features are free forever
  • Infinite message history
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited search
  • Familiarity of Discord (100m+ people use it)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Tool integrations
  • Voice and video chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Moderation, roles, and permissions
  • Private ad-hoc groups

I found there’s already one on

Anyone active on that group?

Slack seems to be what most people use now in the Clojure community. I especially like threaded conversation of slack. Even the IRC seems to have died down to slack.

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Agreed. But Discord has two features we felt bothered when Slack does not provide to free users:

  • Infinite message history
  • Unlimited search

Would be helpful if we use Discord. We can also get this features in ClojureVerse though.

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Precept still has a discord channel. I poked around there a bit the other day and things seemed kind of dead. Supposedly there was going to be a Slackocalypse months back with discord as the leading alternative. There’s was a lot of discussion about it on Reddit but it never happened.

Interestingly, I found some people are actually discussing in the Discord channels. Nice to see:

Relay – a customized version of Mattermost – is another option, with a full two-way bridge into the Clojurians Slack and unlimited history: see this thread Relay Chat Instance for clojurians!

The Discord server has been around for ages but very few people prefer it to Slack which is why almost no one uses it (and from an admin/moderator and integration p.o.v. Discord seems a lot more bare-bones than either Slack or Relay/Mattermost).


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